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My reading list is piling up faster than I can keep up. Not the bedside stack, not the NYT stack of papers (yes I still get home delivery. Sunday Styles online just isn’t the same).

Nope, it’s the “CM must read” link list in my Gmail. And this week I noticed 50% of those links are for Medium. It’s the best browsing around. Let’s hear it for serendipity!

Have been yearning/dreading/knowing I need to get back to writing. So I’ve decided to pack up my bags and move over to Medium. Won’t you join me?


Hurricane Hopes

I can’t get this aerial view of Breezy Point out of my mind.

Have started seeing a few mild tech-tantrums on Twitter — folks who can’t get their wireless fix, or who can’t get their cell charged. One blogger was unhappy that the front door to his downtown building was electric and not working for awhile.

As the power-less days add up, let’s not forget that there are NYC and East Coast neighbors who would be thrilled to have their front door back. Along with the rest of their home. Continue Reading »

Cute. And trick-or-treating kids in adorable costumes are a welcome break from Sandy 24-7.

halloween klout

Oh my lonely little blog. I will pay more attention to you this weekend. Lots of fun Williamsburg, LIC, Greenpoint and Astoria adventures to document.

Here’s a taste: our new favorite: Aurora in Williamsburg.

(I sometimes forget and call it Anella — that’s another amazing find for another post).

A touch of Italy, Brooklyn style.

I shouldn’t care about my Klout score. It’s a fairly arbitrary number, subject to change, prone to privacy snafus. Like most social platforms & tools these days.

The Klout is really a reminder mechanism: oh I meant to Tweet that story, oh I haven’t blogged in days (weeks, lately!)

But that 50 is a nice number to aspire to. Continue Reading »

OK am officially hooked. And it’s not just because I visited Portland in the mid-90s and really, really wanted to move there.

These sketches are hilarious, just the right mix of awkwardly annoyingly weird.

Faves so far are the Battlestar Galactica sketch (“one more! one more!” is exactly what’s happening now, as we keep watching Portlandia video clips).

And this one. The dream of the 90s is alive… “Portland is the city where young people go to retire… All the hot girls wear glasses–yeah!”

The dream of the 90s is alive–in Portland.

These low-flying helicopters in Queens are getting ridiculous. Our little hobbit-house just literally shook from a fly-by.

Doubt it’s a traffic crew, we’re pretty far from the LIE. And why would a police crew would need such a closeup of Juniper Park…Maybe someone stole a stroller or was found cheating at bocci.

The ever-present Bocci crew. Steadfast, trash-talking and tan by March.

But at least it wasn’t the more typical 3 a.m. circuit from our friendly neighborhood police in the skies.

Here they come again. Chopper 4 where are you when I need you?

“Chopper 4” by The Sklar Brothers, Comedy Central Stand-Up